Monday, 3 August 2009


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Friday, 23 January 2009

Farm killings in South Africa

South Africa is a country which is in the Southern part of Africa. It is a beautiful and rich country with many opportunities. The country is also facing huge problems such as crime, violence etc. The other problem is farm killings and many White South African farmers don’t have confidence in their local police to catch the offenders. They set up their own patrols to protect themselves and to keep their families safe. According their opinion, they think the current government is behind these farm killings to keep South Africa from White farm owners, just like in Zimbabwe. More than 2000 farmers have been killed and the number is rising. The question is when is the international community going to wake and act before acts of genocides take place in South Africa? The European Union is doing nothing and the International Court isn’t either. I am a Black person and I hate extremism from one way to the other because it does not solve any problems at all. Somebody please do something. The ANC is not doing anything to stop these brutal killings. I personally think people who are behind these farm killings are retarded and they deserve capital punishment. Where is the media when these things are happening? Just like in Zimbabwe, many Caucasian farmers were killed by Mugabe’s regime. In Uganda, Idi Amin blamed Asians for the misery in his country. African leaders remain silent when Zimbabwe is suffering and ANC leaders talking about quiet diplomacy. When is the International community going to wake up and act before it gets too late? I personally think, the reason why Africa is the world’s poorest continent, it is because we waste our time blaming the West and our government don’t know how to govern countries. It’s a shame